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Unformatted text preview: mail account. Note: You can set up multiple Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts on your phone. 1. Press and tap Apps > Email. 2. Enter your email address and password. To see your password as you enter it, tap Show password. 3. Tap Next to start automatic email setup. For systems that require custom settings, tap Manual setup and then enter your settings. You may need to consult your network administrator for this information: l Domain\Username: nter your network domain and username, separated by “\”. E l Password: nter your network access password (case-sensitive). E Accounts and Messaging 40 l Exchange Server: nter your system’s Exchange server remote email address. Obtain this E information from your company network administrator. l Use secure connection (SSL): ap to place a checkmark in the box, if your system T requires SSL encryption. l Use client certification: ap to place a checkmark in the box, if your system requires T certification. 4. Follow the onscreen prompts to configure options for the account. 5. Tap Done to complete setup. Note: You can also add email accounts from Settings. Press Accounts dd account Email. >A > and tap ettings >S > Compose and Send Email Compose and send email using any account you have set up on your phone. Increase your productivity by attaching files such as pictures, videos, or documents to your email messages. 1. Press and tap 2. From the Inbox, tap Apps > Email. . 3. Compose your message: l Tap the To field and enter the recipient’s email address. You can add multiple message recipients. l To send a carbon copy (Cc) or a blind carbon copy (Bcc) of the current email to other recipients, tap Cc/Bcc. l Tap the Subject field and enter the email subject. l Tap the text entry field and compose your email. l To add an attachment, tap . Choose from the following: y Files, Images, Take M picture, Video, Record video, Audio, Record audio, S Memo, Calendar, Contacts, or Location. 4. To send the message, tap . View and Reply to Email Reading and replying to email on your phone is as simple as on your computer. 1. Press and tap Apps > Email. 2. On the email account Inbox, tap a message to view it, and then choose an option: Accounts and Messaging 41 l Tap Reply to reply to the sender. l Tap Reply all to reply to all the addresses in the original recipient list. l Tap Forward to forward the message to new recipient(s). 3. Enter a message (if desired) and then tap Manage Your Email Inbox The following procedures allow you to view, refresh, sort, and delete your email messages. View Your Email Inbox 1. Press and tap Apps > Email. 2. Tap the account name field (upper-left) to open the complete email account list page. 3. Select an email account and tap an email message. Refresh an Email Account Whatever your automatic synchronization settings are, you can also synchronize your sent and received email messages manually at any time. 1. Press and tap Apps > Email. 2. Select an email account. l If you are already in an email account, tap the account name...
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