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Unformatted text preview: dded to emails you send. Tap the W ON/OFF switch to turn signatures On or Off. After turning signatures On, tap Signature to edit the default text signature. l Out of office settings: Configure options for automatic replies to emails when you are out of the office. l Default account: ssign an account as the default email account for outgoing messages. A When you launch an email from other apps, the email will automatically be from this account. l Password: Update your account password to match the password set on your account. l Email notifications: hen enabled, an icon displays in the Status bar when you receive W new emails. l Select ringtone: hoose a ringtone to play for new email notifications. C l Vibrate: hen enabled, vibration plays for new email notifications. W l More settings: onfigure other options, including the account name, carbon copy and blind C carbon copy, synchronization, and security options. o Account name: nter a name to identify this email account. E o Your name: nter a name, to be shown to recipients in emails from this account. E o Always Cc/Bcc myself: hoose options for sending a copy of emails you send to C yourself, as a copy (Cc) or blind copy (Bcc). o Forward with attachments: hoose whether to automatically include attachments C when forwarding an email. o Show images: hoose whether to automatically display embedded images in the body C of an email. Accounts and Messaging 44 o Auto download attachments: hoose whether the phone automatically downloads C email attachments when you are connected to Wi-Fi. You might use this option to control how and whether you use your plan’s data services to download attachments. o Auto resend times: hoose the number of times the phone attempts to resend an C email after a delivery failure. o Folder sync settings: hoose folders to synchronize between your phone and C account. o Period to sync Calendar: hoose the period for synchronizing calendar events C between your phone and account. o Empty server trash: elete the contents of the trash folder on the account server. D o In case of sync conflict: hoose whether information from the server or phone has C priority when there is a conflict. o Security options: onfigure advanced security options, including encryption. C o Number of emails to load: hoose the number of emails displayed at one time. C o Sync Contacts: hoose whether contacts are synchronized between your phone and C the account. o Sync Calendar: hoose whether calendar events are synchronized between your C phone and the account. o Sync Task: hoose whether emails are synchronized between your phone and the C account. o Exchange server settings: onfigure the Domain\user name, Password, and other C Exchange server settings. o Incoming settings: onfigure settings for the account server to access your account on C your phone. o Outgoing settings: onfigure settings for accessing your account from your phone. C Delete an Email Account If you no longer want an email account on your phone, yo...
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