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Unformatted text preview: ormation, see Picture Options. 4. To take the picture, tap . Picture Options Set options for the pictures you take. 1. Press and tap Apps > Camera. 2. Configure these options: Camera and Video 74 l Self-portrait: witch between the back camera and the front camera, for self-portraits. S l Flash: hoose a flash setting. C l Shooting mode: hoose an automatic shooting mode. Some modes are not available for C Self-portraits. o Single shot: ake a single photo. T o Best photo: old down Capture to take multiple shots; then choose the best shots to H keep. o Best face: old down Capture to take multiple shots; then choose the best “face” on a H photo subject to use that face in the final shot. o Sound & shot: ecord up to 9 seconds of sound with each picture you take. You can R record sound when you take the picture, or after the picture is taken. o Face detection: hile composing a picture, double-tap on a face to zoom in or out. W o Panorama: ouch Capture to take a picture; then use the onscreen guideline to move T the viewfinder and take the next 12 shots automatically. o Share shot: hare the pictures you take, with other Share Shot-capable devices via WiS Fi Direct. o HDR: ake photos in High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode to increase detail. T o Buddy photo share: hen you take a picture, the Camera recognizes faces from W Contacts, so you can easily share the picture with your friends. o Beauty: djust the contrast to create a smooth facial feature effect. A o Smile shot: ouch Capture to focus on the subject’s face. If a smile is detected, the T picture is taken automatically. o Low light: djust exposure automatically, for optimum picture-taking in low-light A conditions. Be careful not to shake the phone while taking pictures. l Effects: pply an effect to pictures. A l Options o Edit shortcuts: hoose shortcuts to appear on the toolbar. Touch and drag shortcuts C between the toolbar and the list. o Use the volume key as: hoose whether pressing the Volume Key zooms in or out C when composing a shot, or takes a picture. o Burst shot: hen On, touch and hold the Capture button to take up to 20 shots W automatically. o GPS tag: dd GPS location information to photo details. A o Self-portrait: hen On, the Camera takes pictures with the front Camera. W Camera and Video 75 o Flash: hoose the default flash mode. C o Shooting mode: hoose the default mode for taking pictures. C o Effects: pply an effect to pictures. A o Scene mode: hoose a mode to match the kind of pictures you’re taking. C o Exposure value: et the default brightness level. S o Focus mode: et the default focus mode. S o Timer: et a delay to wait between touching the Camera button and taking a picture. S o Resolution: hoose a size for the image. C o White balance: hoose a setting for the light source. C o ISO: hoose a setting for imaging sensitivity. C o Metering: elect a method for measuring light. S o Auto contrast: llow automatic light/dark adjustment. A o Guidelines: nable or disable an on-screen grid to aid in photo composition. E o Auto share shot: hen turned On, you can easily connect to other devices via W S Beam to share pictures with other S Beam d...
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