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Unformatted text preview: to automatically block messages from numbers that are not stored as contacts on your phone. Social Networking Accounts Stay in touch on the go with all your social networking accounts. Post updates on Facebook and Twitter, review your LinkedIn contacts, see what everyone’s talking about from YouTube, and more. ChatON The ChatON application provides a global mobile communication service where you can chat with more than 2 buddies via a group chat. Share things such as pictures, videos, animation messages (Scribbles), audio, Contacts, Calendar entries, and Location information. Important: The Samsung account manages the access information (username/password) to several applications, such as Samsung Link, ChatON, and Samsung Hub. Register With the Service 1. Press and tap Accounts and Messaging Apps > ChatON. 50 2. Follow the prompts to read and accept the Terms and conditions and Privacy policy and read the onscreen information. Tap Accept to continue. 3. Select a country code and enter your current phone number to register with the service. 4. Choose to receive the verification code via either SMS (text message) or Voice (answering machine call) to your phone. 5. Enter the verification code you received, and then tap Next. 6. Enter your name and then tap Done. Add Your First ChatON Buddy 1. Press 2. Tap and tap Apps > ChatON. and choose a search method. l Phone number: earch by Country code and phone number. S l Search by ID: earch using a known Samsung account ID. S 3. Follow the prompts to find a buddy. Use ChatON for Chatting 1. Press and tap Apps > ChatON. 2. Tap the Buddies tab and select a buddy to initiate your chat. 3. Enter your message using the onscreen text entry method. 4. Tap to send the message. Delete a Single Message Bubble 1. Press and then tap Apps > ChatON. 2. Launch a chat session to reveal the message string. 3. Touch and hold a message bubble and then tap Delete. Flipboard The Flipboard application creates a personalized digital magazine out of everything being shared with you. Access news stories, personal feeds and other related material. Flip through your Facebook newsfeed, tweets from your Twitter account, photos from friends and much more. 1. Press and then tap Accounts and Messaging Apps > Flipboard. 51 2. Follow the prompts to start using Flipboard, or to log in to your Flipboard account. Google+ Google+ makes messaging and sharing with your friends a lot easier. You can set up Circles of friends, visit the Stream to get updates from your Circles, use Messenger for fast messaging with everyone in your Circles, or use Instant Upload to automatically upload videos and photos to your own private album on Google+. Visit for more information. Google+ uses your Google Account. If you don’t already have a Google Account set up on your phone, you can set one up. 1. Press and tap Apps > Google+. 2. If you are signed into more than one Google Account, select the account you would like to us...
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