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Unformatted text preview: ore torage. >S >M >S 2. Tap Unmount SD card, then tap OK. My Files My files allows you to manage your manage sounds, images, videos, Bluetooth files, Android files, and files stored on your phone, or on an optional installed memory card (not included). You can open a file if the associated app is already on your phone. 1. Press and tap Apps > My Files. 2. Files are displayed in categories, including All files, Images, Videos, Music, and Documents. Note: Different folders may appear depending on how your phone is configured. More Services More Services contains an assortment of Samsung apps that are not preloaded on your Galaxy S III. Tools and Calendar 90 n Press and tap Apps > More Services. S Memo The S Memo application allows you to create memos using the keyboard, your finger, or both. You can add images, voice recordings, and text all in one place. Follow the steps below to explore the S Memo app. 1. Press and tap Apps > 2. From the S Memo screen, tap S Memo. to access options: l Search: ap to search for a saved memo. T l Delete: ouch one or all memos and then tap Delete. T l Sort by: hoose how to sort the list of memos. C l View by list/View by thumbnail: ap to view your existing memos in a list or thumbnail T (default) view. l Share via: end a memo via Group Play, Dropbox, Flipboard, Picasa, Paper Artist, S Google+, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, Messaging, Gmail, or Email. l Import/Export: xport a memo, or import a file into S Memo. E l Sync: ynchronize memo(s) with Evernote or Google+. S l Create folder: reate a folder to store memos. C l Move: ove a memo to a folder. M l Copy: opy a memo to the clipboard. C l Lock/Unlock: hen locked, a memo cannot be deleted. W l Print: rint memo(s) via Wi-Fi to a compatible Samsung printer (not included). P l Settings: o Auto Sync: ync your settings on your phone or save them to you Samsung account. S o Change PIN: et a PIN number to use to lock your memos. S o Screen timeout: ap to select the length of time that the screen will display when you T are in the S Memo application. Choose from 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minutes, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. o Handwriting language update: ap to update the software that translates your T handwriting into text. o Auto hide toolbar: ap to hide the toolbar when entering a memo. T Tools and Calendar 91 l Help: earn about S Memo. L l Backup and restore: ave or import memos from an optional installed memory card (not S included), or import memos. Create a New S Memo Follow the steps below to create a new memo or expand or reply to an existing memo using the S Memo app. 1. Press 2. Tap and tap Apps > S Memo. to start a new memo in text mode. – or – Tap 3. Tap to start a new memo in drawing mode. to access options: Note: Depending on whether you have saved the memo, are in keyboard mode, or in drawing mode, the options will appear differently. The following is a list of the options you may see. l Rename: hange the current memo title. C l Share...
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