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Unformatted text preview: ome screens. Tap a thumbnail to go straight to another Home screen. Multi Window Multi Window allows you to use two apps on the same screen, in separate, resizable windows. Enable Multi Window Enable Multi window in the Display settings. 1. Press and then tap ettings y device isplay. >S >M >D 2. Tap the check box beside Multi window to enable or disable the option. Display Multi Window After you enable Multi window in Display settings, you can control whether Multi window displays on the screen, for easy access to its features. When you display Multi window, it appears on the left side of the screen by default. You can drag the tab along the side of the screen, or tap the tab to open Multi Window, then drag Multi window to another edge of the screen (top, bottom, or side). Phone Basics 14 n Touch and hold the Back Key to display Multi window. Work With Multi Window After enabling Multi Window, you can use it to run two apps at the same time. You can launch apps from Multi window, or drag an app to the screen to run multiple apps at the same time. The apps display together on a split screen. You can switch between the apps, or adjust the size of their display on the screen. Use Multi Window to Launch Multiple Apps When you drag an app from Multi window on top of an open app, both apps display in a split window. n While using one app, touch the tab to display Multi Window, and then touch and drag an app to the screen. Adjust the Size of Apps in Multi Window While using Multi Window, you can adjust the size of the two apps on the screen. n Touch and drag the border between the windows. Switch Multi Window App Positions While using Multi Window, you can switch the position of the app windows on the screen. n Touch the border between the windows, then touch Make a Multi Window App Full Screen While using Multi Window, you can expand an app to full screen anytime. n Touch the border between the windows, and then touch . Your Home Screen The home screen is the starting point for your phone’s applications, functions, and menus. You can customize your home screen by adding application icons, shortcuts, folders, widgets, and more. Your home screen extends beyond the initial screen. Swipe the screen left or right to display additional screens. Note: Your phone's home screens cycle through so that you can keep swiping in one direction and make it back to the home screen. The small circles toward the bottom of the screen let you know your current screen position. Tip: Press to return to the main home screen from any other screen. Creating Shortcuts Learn how to add, move, or remove items from the home screen. Phone Basics 15 Adding Items from the Applications Menu 1. Press , and then tap Apps. 2. Touch and hold an application icon, and then drag it to a Home screen. 3. Release the screen to lock the new shortcut into its new position on the Home screen. Adding Items from the Home screen 1. Press to display the Home screen. 2. Touch and hold an empty are...
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