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Unformatted text preview: e video and create a new video. T l Via Bluetooth: urn Bluetooth on to use Bluetooth services. T l Video auto off: hoose an option, to have your phone automatically stop playing videos C after a period of time you set. l Settings: onfigure playback settings: C o Mini controller: hoose options for displaying a small set of controls onscreen during C playback. o Brightness: hoose a brightness level for the screen. C o Capture: ave a still picture from the video. S o Play speed: hoose a speed for playback. C o SoundAlive: se SoundAlive audio effects with earphones. U Apps and Entertainment 64 o Subtitles (CC): iew closed-captioning subtitles for the video, if available V o Tag buddy: hen turned On, weather, location, and/or date information is stored in the W video file. l Details: rovides details about the video, such as file name, format, resolution, file size, P availability for forwarding, audio channel, last-modified date, and storage location. Use Pop Up Play Pop Up Play allows you to view a video in a window that “floats” on the Home screen, so you can multitask while watching the video. You can move the Pop Up Play window on the screen, and drag the edges of the window to resize it. 1. Press and tap Apps > Video. 2. Select a video and play it. 3. Tap to continue viewing the video in a Pop Up Play window. You may need to tap the screen to display the playback controls. While viewing the video in the Pop Up Play window, you can tap the screen to pause playback. Apps and Entertainment 65 Web and Data The following topics address your phone’s data connections and the built-in Web browser. Additional data-related features can be found in Accounts and Messaging, Apps and Entertainment, and Tools and Calendar. Your phone’s data capabilities let you wirelessly access the Internet or your corporate network through a variety of connections, including: Internet Your phone’s Web browser gives you full access to both mobile and traditional websites on the go, using 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi data connections. n Press and tap Internet. Note: Internet launches automatically when you touch a Web link in a text or email message. Data Services (Sprint 3G) With your Sprint service, you are ready to start enjoying the advantages of data services. The following topics will help you learn the basics of using your data services, including managing your user name, launching a data connection, and navigating the Web with your phone. Important: Certain data services requests may require additional time to process. While your phone is loading the requested service, the touchscreen keyboard may appear unresponsive when in fact it is functioning properly. Allow the phone some time to process your request. Your Data Services User Name When you buy your phone and sign up for service, you’re automatically assigned a user name, which is typically based on your name and a number, followed by “@sprintpcs.com”. (For example, the third John Smith to sign up for Sprint data services might ha...
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