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Unformatted text preview: via: end a memo via Group Play, Dropbox, Flipboard, Picasa, Paper Artist, S Google+, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, Messaging, Gmail, or Email. l Handwriting-to-text: ranscribe handwriting into text. T l Export: ave the memo to memory, as a graphic or PDF. S l Save as: ave the memo with a different name. S l Add picture: dd an image to the current memo. Choose Picture, Take picture, Clip Art, A Clipboard, or Map. l Add tag: et tags to add in searches. S l Add to Favorites: ag the current memo as a favorite. T l Change background: et the background for your memo. Swipe the screen to the left or S right to select a background and then tap Done. l Link to Calendar: ink the memo to your Calendar. L l Lock: ock the memo by using a PIN number. L l Set as: et a memo as a contact icon, Home screen wallpaper, Lock screen wallpaper, or a S widget. l Print: rint memo(s) via Wi-Fi to a compatible Samsung printer (not included). P Tools and Calendar 92 4. When you are finished creating your memo, tap Save. S Suggest The S Suggest application provides onscreen recommendations for apps that are specifically supported and made for use on your phone. Note: Access to this feature requires that you already be logged in to your Samsung account application. 1. Press and tap Apps > S Suggest. 2. Read the terms and conditions. 3. Place a check mark in the Agree field then tap Agree. 4. Select an application from one of the available categories (Picks, Categories, Games, Friends, and Info). 5. Follow the onscreen download and installation instructions. S Voice Your phone’s S Voice is a voice recognition application used to activate a wide variety of functions on your phone. This is a natural language recognition application. This goes beyond the Google Search Voice Actions feature that simply recognizes Google commands and search terms. You can ask it questions (Is it raining in Dallas?) or give it commands (Show me where to find cheap gas). 1. Press and tap Apps > S Voice. 2. Follow the prompts to learn about S Voice. You can also change the phrase you speak to wake up S Voice. Voice Recorder The Voice recorder allows you to record an audio file up to one minute long and then immediately share it using Bluetooth, Dropbox, Email, Gmail, Group Play, Messaging, or Wi-Fi Direct. Recording time will vary based on the available memory within the phone. n Press and tap Apps > Voice Recorder. Voice Search Speak key words to search the Web. n Press and tap Tools and Calendar Apps > Voice Search. 93 VPN Client VPN Client provides support for the latest IPSec VPN standards and interoperability with support for all major VPN Gateways. 1. Press and tap Apps > VPN Client. 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure VPN Client. Wallet Google Wallet allows you to carry credit cards and debit cards in your Android phone. To use this app, tap the back of your phone at the point of sale to pay or shop online everywhere you see the Google Wallet Buy button. n Press and tap Tools and Calendar Apps > Wallet 94 Settings The following topi...
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