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Unformatted text preview: s reached. After enabling the setting, drag the red limit line on the graph below to set the data usage limit. l Alert me about data usage: hen enabled, your device will alert you when mobile data W usage reaches the warning limit you set. After enabling the setting, drag the orange warning line on the graph below to set the data usage warning limit. Settings 99 l Data usage cycle: ap the menu, and then choose a time period for data usage. Data T usage for the period displays on the graph, along with usage by application below. 3. Tap to set other options: l Data roaming: hen enabled, your device can connect to mobile data service when W outside your home network area. Using data while roaming may incur additional costs; contact your service provider for more information. l Restrict background data: our device is capable of connecting to the network in the Y background, for synchronization or other services. When enabled, background connections will not occur. l Auto sync data: hen enabled, your device will synchronize with accounts automatically, W at any time. l Show Wi-Fi usage: hen turned On, a separate tab displays data usage while connected W to Wi-Fi. l Mobile hotspots: elect Wi-Fi networks that are mobile hotspots. You can restrict apps S from using these networks, and you can configure apps to warn you before using these networks for large downloads. More Networks Settings The More networks menu provides additional wireless and network options. Airplane Mode Enabling Airplane mode turns off calling, messaging, and data network features. It also turns off other connectivity features, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. While in Airplane mode, the icon displays in the Status bar. While in airplane mode, you can use other features of your device, such as playing music, watching videos, or other applications. To use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when Airplane mode is enabled, turn them on in Settings, or on the Notification panel. 1. Press and then tap ettings onnections. >S >C 2. Tap More networks, and then tap the check box next to Airplane mode to enable or disable the option. Note: You can also control Airplane mode from the Device options menu. Press and hold the Power/Lock Key, then tap Airplane mode. Mobile Networks Control your phone’s access to networks, including mobile data service. Settings 100 1. Press and then tap ettings onnections. >S >C 2. Tap More networks obile networks to configure options: >M l Mobile data: hen enabled, your device connects to the mobile data network. W l Network mode: hoose a preferred network mode. C l Connections optimizer: hen enabled, helps you manage and enhance your data W experience by finding and connecting to remembered Wi-Fi networks on your device, and, if applicable, to 4G network service. Tethering Use Tethering to share your device’s internet connection with a computer that connects to your device via USB cable, or by Bluetooth. 1. Press and then tap ettings onnections. >S >C 2. Tap More networks ethering, and then choose a tethering method: >T l USB tethering: onne...
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