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Unformatted text preview: nd tap ettings onnections luetooth. >S >C >B 2. In the Bluetooth devices section, tap next to the device, and then tap Unpair. Send Information Using Bluetooth You can use Bluetooth to transfer information between your phone and another Bluetooth-enabled device such as a phone or notebook computer. The first time you transfer information between your phone and another device, you need to enter or confirm a security passcode. After that, your phone and the other device are paired, and you will not need to exchange passcodes to transfer information in the future. You can send the following types of information, depending on the device you are sending to: n Images and videos n Calendar events n Contacts n Audio files The location where the information is saved depends on the type of information and the receiving device. Send Information from Your Phone to Another Device 1. Turn Bluetooth On, on your device and the target device. l On your device, press and tap ettings onnections luetooth. >S >C >B l Set the receiving device to visible or discoverable mode. Refer to the device’s documentation for instructions on receiving information over Bluetooth. 2. On your phone, open the application that contains the information or file you want to send. For example, if you want to send a photo, press and tap Apps > Gallery. 3. Follow the steps for the type of item you want to send: Web and Data 71 l Photos and videos: rom Gallery, on the Albums tab, tap an album, tap an item, and then F tap luetooth. >B l Calendar event: n the Calendar’s Day view, Agenda view, or Week view, tap the event and I then tap hare via luetooth. >S >B l Music track: rom the Music app, on the Now playing screen, tap F ia Bluetooth. >V l Voice recording: n the main Voice Recorder screen, touch and hold a recording and then O tap Share via luetooth. >B 4. Tap the target device, and then follow the prompts on the target device to accept the transfer. Receive Information Using Bluetooth Your phone is capable of receiving a wide variety of file types with Bluetooth, including photos, music tracks, and documents such as PDFs. 1. Press and tap ettings onnections luetooth. >S >C >B 2. If Bluetooth is not on, tap the on-off slider to turn it on. 3. Tap the check box next to your phone's Bluetooth name to make it discoverable. 4. On the sending device, send one or more files to your phone. Refer to the device’s documentation for instructions on sending information over Bluetooth. 5. Follow the prompts on your phone to accept the transfer. When you open a received file, what happens next depends on the file type: l Media files and documents are usually opened directly in a compatible application. For example, if you open a music track, it starts playing in the Music application. l For an event (vCalendar file), select the calendar where you want to save the event, and then tap Import. The event is added to your Calendar. (For more information on using the Calendar, see Calendar.) l For a contact record (vCard file), you can choose to import one, several, or all of tho...
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