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Unformatted text preview: evices. To share pictures, bring the devices back-to-back. For more information, see S Beam Settings. o Anti-shake: hen enabled, minimizes the effect of camera movement. W o Contextual filename: hen enabled, the filename the camera to the picture includes W GPS information. o Voice control: hen enabled, you can speak a command to capture a picture. W o Save as flipped: hen On, pictures or recordings you make using the front camera are W saved as a mirror-image (only available when Self-portrait is turned On). o Image quality: hoose a quality setting for photos. C o Storage: f an optional memory card is installed (not included), choose the default I storage location for pictures. By default all pictures are stored to the phone’s internal memory. o Reset: et all Camera settings to the defaults. S Share Pictures with Share Shot You can share pictures you take with other devices, using the S Beam and Share Shot features of your phone. When the features are enabled, pictures you take are automatically shared with the connected device(s). Camera and Video 76 To use Share Shot, the NFC and S Beam features must be enabled on your phone, and the device you want to share with. For more information, see NFC Settings and S Beam Settings. 1. Press 2. Tap and tap Apps > Camera. hare shot, and then choose On to turn the feature On. >S 3. Hold the devices back-to-back, and then tap the screen to start sharing. 4. As you take pictures, they are automatically shared with the other device(s). Record Videos Use the Camera to record video. Important: Do not take videos of people without their permission. Do not take videos in places where cameras are not allowed. Do not take videos in places where you may interfere with another person’s privacy. 1. Press and tap recording mode. Apps > Camera, and then tap the Mode switch to launch 2. Using the display as a viewfinder, compose your shot by aiming the lens at the subject. You can rotate the phone to any position, and the screen controls rotate to make recording easy. 3. As you compose a shot, the Camera automatically focuses the shot (the focus bracket turns green), or you can “pinch” or “spread” your fingers on the screen to zoom in or out. 4. Tap Record to begin recording. While recording, you can use these options: l Tap the screen to change the focus area to the area you tapped. Camera and Video 77 l Tap Pause to temporarily stop recording. l Tap Stop to stop recording. Video Options Configure options for videos. 1. Press and tap Apps > Camera. 2. Configure these options: l Self-recording: witch between the back camera and the front camera, for recording S yourself. l Flash: hoose a flash setting. C l Recording mode: hoose an automatic shooting mode. Some modes are not available for C Self-recording. o Normal: ecord a video of any length (limited only by memory space). R o Limit for MMS: estrict the length of the video so it can be sent as a message R attachment. o Slow motion: ecord in slow motion. R o Fast motion: ecord a in fast motion. R l Effects: pply an effect to v...
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