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Unformatted text preview: ideos. A l Options: o Edit shortcuts: hoose shortcuts to appear on the toolbar. Touch and drag shortcuts C between the toolbar and the list. o Use the volume key as: hoose whether pressing the Volume Key zooms in or out C when composing a shot, or takes a picture. o GPS Tag: dd GPS location information to video details. A o Self-recording: hen On, the Camera records with the front Camera. W o Flash: hoose the default flash mode. C o Recording mode: hoose the default recording mode. C o Effects: pply an effect to videos. A o Exposure value: et the default brightness level. S o Timer: et a delay to wait between touching the Camera button and starting recording. S o Resolution: hoose a size for the video. C Camera and Video 78 o White balance: hoose a setting for the light source. C o Guidelines: nable or disable an on-screen grid to aid in video composition. E o Anti-shake: hen enabled, minimizes the effect of camera movement. W o Contextual filename: hen enabled, the camera assigns a filename to the video file, W that includes GPS information. o Save as flipped: hen On, pictures or recordings you make using the front camera are W saved as a mirror-image (only available when Self-portrait is turned On). o Video quality: hoose a quality setting for videos. C o Storage: f an optional memory card is installed (not included), choose the default I storage location for videos. By default all videos are stored in the phone’s internal memory. o Reset: et all Camera settings to the defaults. S Gallery Using the Gallery application, you can view pictures and watch videos that you’ve taken with your phone’s camera, downloaded, or copied to an optional memory card (not included). For pictures stored on an optional memory card, you can do basic editing such as rotating and cropping. You can also set a picture as your contact picture or wallpaper and share pictures with your friends. While viewing pictures in the Gallery, scroll up the screen to view more albums. Simply tap an album to view the photos or videos in that album. If you have pictures or videos stored on an optional memory card (not included), they will be display folders they are stored in, and folders are treated as albums. The actual folder names will be used as the album names. If you have downloaded any photos and videos, these will be placed in the All downloads album. 1. Press and tap Apps > Gallery. 2. Select a folder location (such as Camera) and tap an image to view your picture. 3. From the Gallery screen, you can use these options: l Tap a picture or video to display it in full screen view. l Touch and hold thumbnails to select them (indicated by a check mark). l Tap Create album to create an album. Give the album a name, and then select and drag thumbnails to the album to move or copy files to the new album. l Tap Camera to launch the Camera, to take pictures or record video. Camera and Video 79 l Tap for options, including: o Select album/Select item: epending on the view, tap albums or items to select them. D After selection, you can tap again for options you can use with the selected item. o Slide...
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