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Unformatted text preview: eriod of time for the screen to remain lit, after which it will dim and lock. l Tap Speak passwords to allow the phone to read aloud password information. l Tap Answering/ending calls to configure various ways to answer or end calls. l Tap Show shortcut to display a shortcut to Accessibility settings on the Device options menu. The Device options menu displays when you press and hold the Power/Lock Key. l Services: o Tap TalkBack to activate the TalkBack feature and configure options. l Vision: o Tap Font size to change the size of the fonts used on the screen. Choose Tiny, Small, Normal, Large, or Huge. o Tap Magnification gestures to control whether your phone recognizes gestures to pan, and zoom in or out. o Tap Negative colors to reverse the display of onscreen colors from White text on a Black background to Black text on a White background. o Tap Accessibility shortcut to control whether your device recognizes a gesture to quickly enable accessibility features. To use the gesture, press and hold the Power/Lock Key until you hear a sound or feel a vibration, then touch and hold two fingers on the screen until you hear an audio confirmation. Settings 121 o Tap Text-to-speech output to configure options for converting text to speech. For more information, see Text-to-Speech Output. l Hearing: o Tap Sound Balance to control the signal sent to the left and right when using earphones. o Tap the check box next to Mono audio to enable stereo audio to be compressed into a single mono audio stream for use with a single earphone. o Tap the check box next to Turn off all sounds to mute every sound made by the phone. o Tap the check box next to Flash notification to have your phone blink the Camera flash for notifications. l Mobility: o Tap the check box next to Press and hold delay to choose how long your phone waits when you hold your finger on the screen, before continuing with the tap and hold action. Language and Input Settings Use Language and input settings to choose a default language for your phone’s operations, plus settings for text entry and other inputs. Choose a Default Language Choose the language for operating your phone. 1. Press and then tap ettings y device. >S >M 2. Tap Language and input, and then tap Language to select a language. Set a Default Input Method The following procedure allows you to select and set the default method you will use when accessing the keyboard. 1. Press and then tap ettings y device. >S >M 2. Tap Language and input, and then tap Default to select the default input method. Google Voice Typing Settings Google voice typing allows you to speak your entries. When you enable Google voice typing, it’s available for use when you touch a field to enter text. 1. Press and then tap ettings y device. >S >M 2. Tap Language and input, and then tap the check box next to Google voice typing to enable Settings 122 or disable the feature. 3. Tap beside Google voice typing to configure options: l Choose i...
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