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Unformatted text preview: ernational Dialing 117 TTY Mode 118 DTMF Tones 118 Voicemail Settings 118 Voice Privacy 118 Blocking Mode Settings 119 Hands-free Mode Settings 120 Power Saving Mode Settings 120 Accessory Settings 120 Accessibility Settings 121 Language and Input Settings 122 Choose a Default Language 122 Set a Default Input Method 122 Google Voice Typing Settings 122 Samsung Keyboard 123 Swype Settings 124 Voice Search Settings 125 Text-to-Speech Options 126 Pointer Speed 126 Motion Settings 126 Smart Screen Settings 127 Smart Stay 128 Smart Rotation 128 Voice Control Settings 128 Accounts Settings 129 Add an Account 129 Backup Options 129 viii Location Services Settings 130 Security Settings 130 Passwords 131 Device Administration 131 Security Update Service 131 Credential Storage 132 Application Manager Settings 132 Battery Settings 132 Storage Settings 133 Date and Time Settings 133 Activate This Device 134 System Update Settings 134 About Device Settings 134 Copyright Information 136 Index 137 ix Get Started The following topics give you all the information you need to set up your phone and wireless service the first time. Your Phone at a Glance The following illustration outlines your phone’s primary external features and keys. Set Up Your Phone You must first install and charge the battery to begin setting up your phone. 1. Install the battery. l Insert a coin or other flat object into the slot at the bottom of the battery compartment cover and lift the cover up gently. Get Started 1 l Insert the battery, contacts end first, and gently press the battery into place. l Replace the battery compartment cover, making sure all the tabs are secure and there are no gaps around the cover. 2. Plug the USB connector into the charger/accessory jack on the bottom of your phone. 3. Plug the AC adapter into an electrical outlet and charge your battery. Fully charging a battery may take up to three hours. Note: Your phone’s battery should have enough charge for the phone to turn on and find a signal, run the setup application, set up voicemail, and make a call. You should fully charge the battery as soon as possible. Get Started 2 Activate Your Phone Depending on your account or how and where you purchased your phone, it may be ready to use or you may need to activate it on your Sprint account. n If you purchased your phone at a Sprint Store, it is probably activated and ready to use. n If you received your phone in the mail and it is for a new Sprint account or a new line of service, it is designed to activate automatically. l When you turn the phone on for the first time, you should see a Hands Free Activation screen, which may be followed by a PRL Update screen and a Firmware Update screen. Follow the onscreen instructions to continue. n If you received your phone in the mail and you are activating a new phone for an existing number on your account (you’re swapping phones), you can activate on your computer online or directly on your phone. l Activate on your computer: o Go to sprint.com/activate and complete the onl...
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