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Unformatted text preview: u can delete it through the mail settings menu. 1. Press and tap Apps > Email. 2. Tap ettings Account settings. >S > 3. Tap , and then tap account(s) to delete. 4. Tap Delete, and then follow the prompts to confirm the deletion. Accounts and Messaging 45 Messaging With text messaging (SMS), you can send and receive text messages between your phone and another phone that supports messaging. Multimedia messages, (MMS), can contain text and pictures, recorded voice, audio or video files, picture slideshows, contact namecards (vCard), or calendar events (vCalendar). See your service plan for applicable charges for messaging. Send a Message Quickly compose and sent text messages on your phone. 1. Press 2. Tap and tap Apps > Messaging. Compose to create a message: l Tap Enter recipient and enter a Contact name, a mobile phone number, or an email address using the onscreen keyboard. As you enter letters, possible matches from your accounts and contacts display on the screen. Touch a match to add it to the message. l Tap Enter message to enter your message. l Tap to attach an image, picture, video, audio clip, S Memo, Calendar event, location info, or contact. 3. Tap Send to send the message. New Messages Notification Depending on your notification settings, the phone will play a ringtone, vibrate, or display the message briefly in the status bar when you receive a new text or multimedia message. To change the notification for new text and multimedia messages, see Messaging Settings for details. A new message icon also appears in the notifications area of the status bar to notify you of a new text or multimedia message. The Messaging application icon new messages. also displays the number of To open the message, touch and hold the status bar, and then slide the status bar down to open the Notification panel. Tap the new message to open and read it. For information on reading and replying to messages, see Managing Message Conversations. Managing Message Conversations Text and multimedia messages that are sent to and received from a contact (or a number) are grouped into conversations or message threads in the All messages screen. Threaded text or Accounts and Messaging 46 multimedia messages let you see exchanged messages (similar to a chat program) with a contact on the screen. Read a Text Message 1. Do one of the following: l On the Messaging screen, tap the text message or message thread to open and read it. l If you have a new message notification, slide the status bar down to open the Notification panel. Tap the new message to open and read it. 2. To return to the All messages screen from a text message thread, tap Back. Note: To view the details of a particular message, in the message thread, touch and hold the message to open the options menu, and then tap View message details. If a message contains a link to a Web page, tap the message and then tap the link to open it in the Web browser. If a message contains a phone number, tap the messag...
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