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Unformatted text preview: to open the selected application. Phone Basics 17 Status Bar The status bar at the top of the home screen provides phone and service status information on the right side and notification alerts on the left. To view notification alerts, touch and hold the status bar and drag it down. Status Icons Icon Description Bluetooth® active Connected to another Bluetooth device Wi-Fi® active Vibrate Mute Speakerphone Active Network (full signal) 3G (data service) 4G (data service) Airplane Mode Alarm Set Smart stay is enabled, and you are using a feature that utilizes Smart stay. Battery (full charge shown) Notification Icons Icon Description Missed call New email New Gmail New message Phone Basics 18 Icon Description New voicemail Event USB connection Updates available Download complete Keyboard active Enter Text You can type on your phone using the available touchscreen keyboards. Touchscreen Keyboards Touchscreen keyboard entry can be done in either Portrait or Landscape orientations. The Landscape orientation provides more space and results in slightly bigger onscreen keys. If you find that you prefer to enter text via the onscreen keyboard, and need bigger keys, use this orientation. Text Input Methods There are three text input methods available. n Google voice typing allows you to speak your entries. n Samsung keyboard allows you to enter text by touching keys on a virtual QWERTY keyboard. Samsung keyboard includes optional predictive text, which matches your key touches to common words so you can select a word to insert it into your text. n Swype lets you enter words by swiping across the virtual QWERTY keyboard. Instead of tapping each key, use your finger to trace over each letter of a word. You can also tap letters to enter words. Google Voice Typing This feature uses Google voice recognition to convert your spoken words into text. Use Google Voice Typing to Enter Text 1. From a screen where you can enter text, drag down from the top of the screen to open the Notification panel, and then tap Select input method > Google voice typing. 2. Speak into the microphone and watch your text being entered onscreen. If the text is incorrect, tap DELETE. Phone Basics 19 3. Once you have completed entering your text, tap the keyboard icon to display the onscreen keyboard. Note: Select a language by tapping at the bottom of the Listening area. Tap Add more languages to choose a new language via the Google voice typing menu. Removing the check mark from the Automatic field allows you to select additional languages. Configure Google Voice Typing Set Google Voice Typing options. For more information, see Google Voice Typing Settings. n Press and tap ettings y device > anguage and input, and then tap >S >M L next to Google voice typing. Samsung Keyboard With Samsung Keyboard, it's easy to enter text, symbols, and numbers. Use Samsung Keyboard to Enter Text 1. From a screen where you can enter text drag down from the top of the screen to open the Notifi...
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