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Unformatted text preview: ine instructions to activate your phone. l Activate on your phone: o Turn on your new phone. (Make sure the old one is turned off.) Your phone will automatically attempt Hands-Free Activation. o Tap Activate to override auto-activation and start the manual activation wizard. o Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the activation process. n To confirm activation, make a phone call. If your phone is still not activated, visit sprint.com/support for assistance. If you do not have access to the Internet, call Sprint Customer Service at 1-888-211-4727 from another phone. Note: If you are having any difficulty with activation, visit sprint.com/support for assistance. Complete the Setup After you activate your phone, follow the prompts to set up your Google Account and preferences. For best results, activate your phone before starting the setup process. Note: During setup, you may see a notice about Connections Optimizer. Connections Optimizer helps you manage and enhance your data experience by finding and connecting to remembered WiFi networks on your device, and if applicable, the 4G network. 1. After you activate your phone, you’ll see the Welcome screen. Choose a language, and then tap Start to begin setup. 2. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete each section. For each topic, you will have an option to skip it and continue to the next screen. Get Started 3 l Wi-Fi: ou can choose to connect to Wi-Fi to complete setup, instead of your phone’s Y wireless network connection. Select an available Wi-Fi network, and then follow the prompts to connect. l Got Google?: ollow the prompts to sign in to your current Google Account, or sign up for a F new Google Account right from your phone. o Tap Yes to enter your Gmail address and password and then tap the right arrow to sign in to your current Google Account. o Tap No to sign up for a new Google Account. Tap Get an account, and then follow prompts to set up your new account. l Backup and Restore: elect your Google Account backup settings. If you're signing in with S an existing Google Account, you can choose to restore your Google Account information, such as apps, bookmarks, Wi-Fi passwords, and contacts, to your new phone. You can also choose to keep your new phone backed up with your Google Account. l Google & location: elect options for allowing Google and other apps to use your location S information. l This phone belongs to: nter your name. Your phone uses your name to personalize E some features. l Google services: earn about Google’s privacy policy and other terms. L 3. At the Setup complete screen, tap Finish to complete setup and continue with other options. 4. At the Dropbox screen, select an option and follow the onscreen instructions. l Create a new Dropbox account: ap to set up a Dropbox account to save your photos T and videos to a Web-based storage area. l I already have an account: ap to sign in to your current Dropbox account. T l No thanks: ap to skip the Dropbox setup screens. T 5. That’s it, your phone is now...
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