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Unformatted text preview: usands of movies and TV shows, including new releases and HD titles in Google Play and stream them instantly on your Android phone. Previously rented movies are automatically added to your My Movies library across your phones. n Press and tap Apps > Play Movies & TV. Apps > Google. Google Search Search the Web with Google. n Press and tap Note: A Google Search widget displays on the main Home screen by default. You can tap the widget to search from the Home screen. Media Hub/Samsung Hub Media Hub is now Samsung Hub, your one stop for the hottest movie and TV content. With hundreds of titles available, entertaining your family on the go was never easier. You can rent or purchase your favorite content and watch from any location. Featuring the stunning viewing quality Samsung is known for, Samsung Hub is your gateway to mobile video like you've never experienced it before. Samsung Hub uses your Samsung account to manage access and account information. Note: Your phone may have Media Hub preloaded. When you launch Media Hub, you will be prompted to upgrade to Samsung Hub. 1. Press and tap Apps > Samsung Hub. 2. Scroll across the screen to select from the following available pages: l Overview: ccess for all available categories and recently available content for purchase or A rental. l MUSIC: usic that is available for purchase and allows you to search for new music. M l VIDEO: ideos and TV shows that are available for purchase/rental and allows you to V search for new content. l BOOKS: ooks and magazines that are available for purchase and allows you to search for B new content. l GAMES: ames that are available for purchase or as trials and allows you to search for new G content. Apps and Entertainment 58 3. Scroll through the media listings. You can tap items to buy or rent them. As you tap some items, you can listen or watch a preview. 4. Follow the prompts to buy or rent media. Samsung Hub Notices l Any media item (Media Content) may be rented or purchased after you create an account in Samsung Hub. l Media Content that is purchased and downloaded may be viewed concurrently on up to five (5) devices with Samsung Hub (or “the service”) that are also registered to the same account. l You may remove a device from your account no more than once every 90 days. l You may remove Media Content from a device as many times as you’d like. You will have the ability to re-download the Media Content later subject to content re-download availability and content provider permissions. l You may need network coverage to access Media Content you have acquired through the Service. l You can use 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connectivity to download Media Content. l Unlike purchased Media Content, rented Media Content will be viewable on only 1 device in your account at a time. l Media Content is downloaded and saved to your authorized device's SD card. No SD Card included out of box. l Your Media Content may pause/stop or not download in networks where there is a weak s...
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