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Broken MACS, Hashes HW

2 cycle length when we use h16 tail length is dened

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Unformatted text preview: ur moodle submission should include your source code. (b) [5 points] Prove that the functional graph of any hash function with a fixed output length must have cycles. 2 cycle length when we use h|16 (·tail length is defined print out these 6edges of the path to a cycledefinedain 2.35. To avoid the confusion, ). Your output should as the number numbers. Tail and cycle are from point. 2.35. To avoid the confusion,number of component isthe tail length of node 13 is 3, tailcycle fromnode 12 is 1, In the following Figure, the tail length is defined as 2, number edges of the path to a length of a point. In the followingof 6 is 0. Average tailcomponent is 2, tail length 1.75. (i.e. average of tail length starting from and tail length Figure, the number of length is (3+2+1+1)/4 = of node 13 is 3, tail length of node 12 is 1, and terminal points is 0. do not have the preimage.) The cycle1.75. (i.e. average of tail 4. the tail length of 6 that Average tail length is (3+2+1+1)/4 = length of [1, 4, 6, 9]...
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