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Blackboard Response 8

Blackboard Response 8 - 1 The fat girl in the story...

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1. The fat girl in the story conjures feelings of disgust and general disdain for the narrator. The girl, who we later find out to be the narrator herself at a younger age, is not described in a flattering manner at all. The way the narrator presents her is proof to her contemptuous presence. Upon finding that the narrator is, or rather was, the fat girl, I saw the story the story in a different way. The narrator is working at her desk and, without realizing it, uncovers an old picture of herself. She goes to get food, not noticing the picture until she sits back at her desk with her food. The picture in conjunction with the presence of food, and eating, unlock her feelings she had once suppressed. I would classify her actions under projection except for the fact that I don’t actually believe that the character of the fat girl physically existed in the story. One national/societal presence of suppression I can think of is the way some people react to racism. The claim that it doesn’t exist anymore or the “look how far we’ve come” praise. Not only do we want to
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