Explain 27 4 points with fo set as in the preceding

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Unformatted text preview: 25. [4 points]: Multiplying a carrier signal at fc kHz with a receiver oscillator signal at fo kHz 6.02 Fall 2012, Quiz 2 Page 17 of 17 produces a signal that is a sum of sinusoids. What are the frequencies of these sinusoids? The sinusoids are at the following frequencies (in kHz): 26. [4 points]: What frequency fo (in kHz, and with fo > fc ) should the receiver’s oscillator be set at in order to translate the signal received from an AM station operating at a carrier frequency of 580 kHz (which happens to be WTAG Worcester, in this area) into the passband of the IF filter/amplifier at 455 kHz? Explain! 27. [4 points]: With fo set as in the preceding problem, there is actually another AM station, / at a carrier frequency fc > fo , that will also find its signal translated into the passband of the IF / filter/amplifier. What is f...
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