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The total length l1 l2 16 cm and the cross sectional

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Unformatted text preview: long-dashed line corresponds to the case where A1<< A2, and the solid line is for A1 = 0.5 cm2. The radiation impedance is assumed to be zero. 7 6 5 1 4 Length of back cavity, L1 (cm) 4 2 2 L2 Examples of two configurations of acoustic tubes for which there is relatively little acoustic coupling between the left-hand portion, of length L1, and the right-hand portion of L2. 0 A1 = 0 1 A2 (B) 0 A1 = 0.5 cm2 2 12 F6 F5 4 F4 3 F3 2 14 Frequencies of first four natural frequencies for configuration of figure (a) on top left, as the length L1 of the back cavity is manipulated. The total length L1 + Lc + L2 = 16 cm, the constriction length Lc = 2 cm, and the cross-sectional areas A1 and A2 are 3 cm2. The long-dashed lines (labeled 0) correspond to the case where Ac << A1, in which case the lowest natural frequency is zero. The solid and short-dashed lines are for Ac = 0.2 and 0.5 cm2, respectively. The tube is ass...
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