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Calculated for these flagged features universal

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Unformatted text preview: nuous representation with flags representation Overlap Vocal Apparatus Sound Output _ -·II·-(llliPllgCC-1 Continuous representation (2Oe a-p E E F N AII u, *d4 m N 0 -- (zMH) buanbaij A f". $7? . (,aP) cJWV19 - N m, 0 41 m A> (Up) dWIV Ah'd 0 0o <0 0 m 0 10 0 _-T __CI I sll_ _r___ a 5 4 2: 0 "-2 I 1 a 200 Figure 10.5 Spectrogram of the sentence I can't go up to Sweden (male speaker), illustrating modifications of consonants when they occur in a sequence of two or more consonants. The text discusses the sequences /nt#g/ (400 to 550 ms), /p#t/ (700 to 850 ms), /sw/ (1000 to 1150 ms), and /dn/ (1200 to 1270 ms). Courtesy of MIT Press. Used with permission. Developing a cohort of words and reexamine the signal Acoustic input Peripheral auditory processing Landmark detection Intended word sequence Compare Synthesize landmarks and parameters Hypothesize word sequences Extract acoustic parameters and cues in the vicinity of landmarks Estimate feature bundles and syllable structure Match to Lexicon Lexicon - -c ·"---------------------~~-~~~...
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