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The New York Times’ ran an article about West Virginia University’s investigation into the authenticity of Heather Bresch’s degree. Heather Bresch is the daughter of West Virginia’s governor, Joe Manchin III. The university only decided to investigate the matter after the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had done it’s own investigation and called attention to the fact that Ms. Bresch hadn’t even completed half of the required credit hours, only completing 22 of the 48 required. Although both the university and Ms. Bresch say that the lack of hours is due to the electronic transfer of data, neither party is able to bring for proof, records or receipts, of classes taken, credits received, or paid courses. The problem here also lies in the fact that the chairman of the company that Ms. Bresch works for is also a major contributor to the governor’s campaign. The
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Unformatted text preview: investigation throws a cloud now only on the governor and Ms Bresch’s employer, but also on the credibility of the university. The university seems to be playing to the governor and cannot afford to play favorites if it intends to keep its reputation and its funding. Alumni upset about the event would undeniably refuse to contribute to the university’s funds. What the university may have failed to realize is that this scandal affects all the students of the university, past, present and future, as well as faculty, administrators, and any other persons who have contact with the school. The accusations and the university’s inability to substantially refute them, whether or not it may be able to do so later, weakens its good reputation. True or not, the good name of the university is already marred....
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