Semiconductor components industries llc 2000 1 october

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Unformatted text preview: ries, LLC, 2000 1 October, 2000 Rev. 3 Publication Order Number: MR2500/D MR2502, MR2504, MR2510 MAXIMUM RATINGS Characteristic Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage Working Peak Reverse Voltage DC Blocking Voltage NonRepetitive Peak Reverse Voltage (Halfwave, single phase, 60 Hz peak) Average Rectified Forward Current (Single phase, resistive load, 60 Hz, TC = 150C) NonRepetitive Peak Surge Current (Surge applied at rated load conditions, halfwave, single phase, 60 Hz) Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range Symbol VRRM VRWM VR VRSM IO IFSM MR2502 200 MR2504 400 MR2510 1000 Unit Volts 240 480 25 400 (for 1 cycle) 1200 Volts Amps Amps TJ, Tstg *65 to +175 C THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS Characteristic Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case (Single Side Cooled) Symbol RJC Max 1.0 Unit C/W ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Characteristics and Conditions Maximum Instantaneous Forward Voltage (iF = 78.5 Amps, TC = 25C) Maximum Reverse Current (rated dc voltage) TC = 25C TC = 100C Symbol vF IR 100 500 Max 1.18 Unit Volts A D1 MR2510 Transient Analysis VL + V1 AMPLITUDE = 15.7 FREQUENCY = 60 C1 I1 DC = 1 + - 0 ** Profile: "SCHEMATIC1-Trans" [ C:\WEBSITE\ROSE_CLASSES\ECE456\NOTES\ORCAD\Rectifiers\rectifiers-... Date/Time run: 12/12/02 12:33:29 Temperature:...
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