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wednesday article

wednesday article - approved last month the 31 Abbott...

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Schools in Perth Amboy, New Jersey are in for a rude awakening. The schools were once in such bad shape that the teacher-student ratio was closing in on 1:35. Over- populated and under-funded, these schools were going down and taking everyone involved with them. That was, until the mid-1990s when the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that poor urban school districts were entitled to spend as much money on their students as their wealthier counterparts, in the case of Abbott v. Burke. The new funding made it possible to decrease class sizes, buy new textbooks, bring in teaching assistants, start programs for tutoring, and buy computers. But now, under the new financing law
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Unformatted text preview: approved last month, the 31 Abbott districts will lose their special consideration for funding. The new change will most certainly have an effect. The programs designed and instituted will to better the children’s experience and allow for extra help will most likely be cut. School districts will struggle to keep the quality of staff and materials they have had. Many of the parents are worried about the security of their children’s’ educations as the new law will continue to decrease the funds allotted to the school district yearly....
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