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An article published in the International Herald Tribune last summer addresses Justice Clarence Thomas’ controversial view, and rulings, on integration and affirmative action. Thomas voted against school integration plans in Seattle and Louisville, Kentucky saying that “the concept of integration [is] inherently demeaning to black children” because it suggests the need for white classmates in order to achieve. Thomas’ argument is critical to the great debate of the legitimacy of affirmative action. But a lot of people find Thomas hard to understand, especially knowing that Thomas himself received his education and even his position as a Justice as a result of race-based decision making. On one hand, those critical of affirmative action will use Thomas as a mouthpiece for all Black people, because of his status in the Black
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Unformatted text preview: community. To add insult to injury, Thomas basically sidesteps any acknowledgement of being a product of the very thing he condemns. I don’t know how I feel exactly about affirmative action. I think the idea of integrated schools is a good one, but I don’t think it should be forced. On the other hand, I don’t think there’s any real reason that the schools would come to integrate themselves and that is bad for all of the students. Race is a very salient marker in our society today. Not one parent would want to run the risk of subjecting their child to being “an only” in a society where people are taught that those who are most like you are those who look most like you. A lot of things has to be resolved – racism, sexism, classism, &c. – before equality can be achieved in any sphere, education or elsewhere....
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