I njury categories injuries are categorized according

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Unformatted text preview: oped and targeted to prevent specific injuries. I njury Categories • Injuries are categorized according to: – Mechanism – Intent – Place of Injury – Nature of Injury Place of Injury Nature of Injury Mechanism Intent M echanism • Refers to the external agent or particular activities that precipitate the injury. – 5 mechanisms of injury are: • • • • • Mechanical Thermal Chemical Electrical Ionizing radiation – Absence of essentials: oxygen and heat I ntent • Refers to the purpose and/or awareness of the risk of i njury. • Unintentional – Major attributes are • Unintended causes • Unintended effects • Intentional – This includes violence • Causes and effects are intended Unintentional Injury • • • • • • • • Motor Vehicle Crashes Falls Poisonings Fires and Burns Drowning Aspiration and choking Sports injuries Occupational injuries I ntentional/Violence • • • •...
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