Midterm - The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the....

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The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the… truth, n. the quality of being true. When I was about 11 or 12 years old, I went to a magic show. The magician there was quite normally dressed, I guess, as far as magicians go. He wore a black suit, with a red tie against a stark white shirt, white gloves and a black top hat. You know the type; it’s the imagery of the stereotypical magician you see in every children’s cartoon, in every movie, at some kid’s birthday party, but almost never in real life. Anyway, he was doing card tricks and one I remember went like this: he took two cards out of the deck; the queen of spades and the queen of clubs and handed them to his assistant. The rest of the cards he kept in his hands, shuffling them as he talked. The assistant showed the cards to the audience and we all saw that those were the cards he said they were. He then took the queen of spades from her and showed it to the audience and she held up the queen of clubs, still in her hand, to show as well. He then asked her to pinch her card, the queen of clubs, face down, between her forefinger and her thumb and he put his card, the queen of spades, on top of her card, all the while describing aloud to us exactly what he was doing. Now, if all things made sense in the world, his assistant would be holding the queen of spades and the queen of clubs in her hand again, just as she had at the beginning. However, because the world is not a logical and rational place (and apparently flat), the two cards she held up to the audience were instead the ace of hearts and the ace of diamonds. I have always remembered that trick. I saw every step. There was no cover, no curtain of any sort, and yet somehow she had two completely different cards at the end of the trick than she had had at the beginning without anyone of us truly knowing what had happened. Being the child I was, I knew there was an explanation but I didn’t know it, so I attributed it to magic and that became 1
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Rashonda Kinnard CORE 152 Midterm Fall 2007 my truth. truth, n. true statement or account; that which is in accordance with the fact. I feel that the perception of truth in history is analogous to a magic show. An event occurs that involves many people and someone assumes that what they see and feel is the same as what everyone else sees and feels; they identify things based on their own perceptions and come to a conclusion. Others come along and have similar, but not the same, feelings and perceptions, or perhaps some have come to the same conclusion but by different means. Among this newly formed group of people, they agree that because they have these things in common, despite all the things that may be different, that these
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Midterm - The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the....

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