Final - Since the time when we recognized the error of...

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Since the time when we recognized the error of supposing that ordinary forgetting signified destruction or annihilation of the memory-trace, we have been inclined to the opposite view that nothing once formed in the mind could ever perish, that everything survives in some way or other, and is capable under certain conditions of being brought to light again. (Freud, 15. Civilisation and Its Discontents ) MEMENTO The Plot: The story of the film "Memento" is based on the short story "Memento Mori" by Jonathan Nolan. The main character is Leonard Shelby, played by Guy Pearce, who suffers from a strange condition: anterograde memory loss. He and his wife were attacked in their home and due to the injuries he sustained, he is unable to form new memories. His last memory is of his wife dying so Leonard is on a quest to find, and eventually kill, the man (John G.) who raped and murdered his wife, and took away his memory. Characters and Relationships: If we talk for too long, I'll forget how we started. Next time I see you, I'm not gonna remember this conversation. I don't even know if I've met you before. -Leonard Shelby There are two other main players in the film: Teddy and Natalie. Teddy, real name John Edward Gammel and played by Joe Palatino, is an undercover cop and is supposedly helping Leonard find his wife's killer. Natalie, played by Carrie-Anne Moss, is a barmaid who Leonard meets when he shows up to her bar after killing her boyfriend. By the time they meet, he has no recollection that he has even murdered anyone. The most important thing about these characters is that none of them, not even Leonard, can be trusted. Teddy and Natalie both use Leonard for their own purposes, and both of them advise Leonard not to trust the other. Teddy and Leonard:
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Final - Since the time when we recognized the error of...

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