Victorian and Modern Though

Victorian and Modern Though - History 2 Western Civ 2-Upset...

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History 2 Western Civ 2 Victorian and Modern Though Victorianism - Optimistic - Believed in progress through industrialization - Believed that man was on a progressive pass to a better life - Predictable universe governed by god that has unchangeable laws - Fixed set of truths about all aspects of rights - Separates the savages from the well mannered - Sexuality must be suppressed Modernism - The Armory Show of 1913: modern art show that people tried to censor and stop Frank Lloyd Wright - Modern architect that used natural and simple ideas in his design Franz Boaz - Anthropologist - The Mind of Primitive Man - Savage peoples are not at all savage, they are capable of everything that civilized people are, they just express themselves differently - Relativist Charles Darwin - Authored the origin of species
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Unformatted text preview: History 2 Western Civ 2-Upset the Victorian idea of a supernatural God who created and sustains all La Belle Epoch-The beautiful age-Brought to an end by World War I-The innocent age of chivalry and decency and belief in God Sigmund Freud-Austrian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst-Broke down the Victorian mindset and paved the way for modern thought-People are motivated by deep subconscious influences-Its unhealthy to repress your Albert Einstein-Breaks down the Newtonian universe-Looked closely at time, space, and matter-Showed that some of the laws of Newton were in fact wrong-Theory of relativity E = MC 2 That blew apart the idea of what was solid and real Literature-Stephen Crane - Maggie girl of the streets-Laushaw...
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Victorian and Modern Though - History 2 Western Civ 2-Upset...

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