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1890 - 1914 - o Killed 260 American sailors o Suspected...

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History 2 Western Civ 2 1890-1914 Alfred Thayer Mahan - Wrote The influence of Sea power - America needs 3 things to become a world power o Two ocean navy, one in the Pacific and one in the Atlantic o Colonies to provide coaling stations for their ships o A canal through the isthmus of panama Williams Jennings Bryan - Thought imperialism was wrong - They should be an example of how to live peacefully and prosper Cuba - Insurectos fighting against the government - Concentration camps filled with people who were arrested without evidence William McKinley - America wanted dominance over the Caribbean - Needed an incident to have war with Spain - Depuy de Lome - Spanish minister of the United States o Wrote a letter a letter to Spain that was intercepted. Called McKinley weak and bitter. - Sinking of the Battleship Maine - anchored in the Feb 15, 1898
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Unformatted text preview: o Killed 260 American sailors o Suspected that Spain did it, even though they didn’t o “Battleship Maine destroyed by infernal Spanish” Spanish American War-Battle of Manila Bay o Commodore Dewey sets sail for manila bay in charge of the great white fleet History 2 Western Civ 2 o All 10 Spanish ships destroyed, 400 Spanish killed, 10 Americans injured when a gun blew up-Battle of Santiago - June 22 1898 o General William Shafter marched up to Santiago o July 3 rd 1898 defeated the Spanish fleet as they tried to make a run for it o 25,000 man garrison surrendered o December 10 1898 -Cost of war o 5426 dead o Only 379 died in battle, disease was the killer o Suffered little loss but gained a whole lot of land and possessions-Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines...
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