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Chapter 1 - a Financial i Focuses on numbers and entries ii...

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A. Goals B. Value Added Chains a. Very important, but not supported by the book b. Every part of the organization should be adding value i. If not, then outsource C. Balanced Scorecard a. Financial i. Being good at three things below does not necessarily show financial strength b. Internal Operations - Leading Indicator c. Customer Satisfaction d. Innovation - Leading Indicator D. Managerial vs. Financial
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Unformatted text preview: a. Financial i. Focuses on numbers and entries ii. More regulated iii. Intended for people outside the organization iv. Only uses existing past data b. Managerial i. Decision making ii. Not regulated iii. Intended for those inside the organization iv. Projections and estimates for future E. Objectives F. Cost Management a. Important...
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