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Pols 255- Section 1 Outline 1

Pols 255- Section 1 Outline 1 - POLS 255-002 The Politics...

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POLS 255-002: The Politics of Crime and Justice January 24, 2008: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System I. Crime and Justice A. Crime and Public Policies 1. Each actor in criminal justice system plays a role in public policy B. Politics and the Making of Public Policies 1. Form of government - state/ fed - democratic republic form of government = government of reps/\ public opinion 2. Competing political philosophies - what is illegal? what is punishment/ sanctions? - public policy follows lines of public opinion 3. Additional Influences - interest groups (fraternal law enforcement orders) - corporations (alcohol, tobacco) -conservatives= law and order, protect society -liberal= protect rights of individual C. Recent Trends in Public Policies 1. 1960s - Crime rate at an all time high - Public policy focused on rehab of prisoners - US Supreme Court a. liberal majority led by Chief Justice Warren b. interpreted the rights of the accused - Demographics a. effects of baby boom resulted in increase in those who
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