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Paper Assignment Spring 202013

Make sure that you explain why mills response seems

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Unformatted text preview: sponse to the “Doctrine of Swine” objection. Make sure that you explain why Mill’s response seems to block the objection. iv.) Using the philosophical method that we have been using this semester, defend the “Doctrine of Swine” objection against Mill’s response. Explain why someone might think that Mill’s reasons for rejecting the “Doctrine of Swine” objection are not satisfactory reasons. Clarify any of Mill’s reasons that need to be clarified. Then address the following questions: a. Are any of the reasons Mill offers false? If so, which ones? Explain why should we think those reasons are false. b. If they were true, would Mill’s reasons give us reason to reject the “Doctrine of Swine” objection? If not, explain why not. -1- PHIL 101 – First Essay Assignment B.) According to John Stuart Mill’s “Expert Judge” test if an “expert judge” prefers pleasures of one type to pleasures of another, then the first type of pleasures are objectively more valuable (for everyone) than pleasures of the second type. Some have objected to this test by arguing that the fact one person prefers somethin...
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