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Reconstruct camuss objection to the claim that a good

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Unformatted text preview: valuable. Albert Camus argues against such views by noting that Sisyphus could choose to find happiness in his absurd and eternal task, even if this task is not objectively valuable. Reconstruct Camus’s objection to the claim that a good life must be meaningful, and defend Wolf’s view against this objection. In order to completely answer this question, you should: i.) Explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS and IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS YOU CAN Wolf’s view about what meaningfulness in life consists in and why this is necessary for a good life. ii.) IN YOUR OWN WORDS and IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS YOU CAN explain Camus’s objection to Wolf’s view. Make sure that you explain why this objection seems to undermine Wolf’s view. iii.) Using the philosophical method that we have been using this semester, defend Wolf’s view against this objection. Explain why someone might think that Camus’s objection does not provide satisfactory reasons for rejecting Wolf’s position. Clarify anything in Camus’s objection that need to be clarified. Then address the following questions: a. Are any of Camus’s reasons offered against Wolf’s view false? If so, which ones? Explain why should we think those reasons are false. b. If they were true, would Camus’s reasons be sufficient grounds for rejecting Wolf’s position? If not, explain why not. -3-...
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