Determine the hypotheses a b the alternative

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Unformatted text preview: Population Proportion 1. Determine the Hypotheses a. b. The alternative hypothesis is one of the following: right-tailed test left-tailed test two-tailed test 2. Collect the Data a. Verify that the normality criteria has been satisfied (see previous page). b. Calculate the sample proportions ̂ and ̂ and the sample difference ̂ ̂. 3. Assess the Evidence Remember: The a. Note that mean ̂ ̂ value is the probability b. Calculate the standard deviation (see #3a on pg. 1 for the formula) that you will get a (̂ ̂ ) c. Calculate the test statistic sample proportion that is ̂ or more extreme d. Calculate the -value. than ̂ in a random ( ) i. Right-tailed test: -value ( ) sample of size . ii. Left-tailed...
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