Margin of error a 90 confidence 95 confidence 99

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Unformatted text preview: where is: 4. Margin of error, a. (90% confidence), (95% confidence), (99% confidence) ); be able to find 90%, 95%, and 99% confidence intervals. 5. Confidence intervals: (̂ ̂ ̂̂ 6. Writing hypotheses and : See Step 1 on the next page. 7. The mean 8. The test statistic (̂ ̂) 9. What is a -value? How do you find the -value? How to you use the -value to make a conclusion? 10. Be able to do hypothesis testing for differences in population proportions; for example, see Lesson 9.3.2. a. See the next page for an outline of the steps for hypothesis testing. 11. Be able to interpret confidence intervals, margin of error, -values, and hypothesis testing decisions 12. Be able to read about the conclusions of someone else’s hypothesis testing and say if you agree or disagree The Steps in Hypothesis Testing for 1...
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