3 assess the evidence a calculate the mean and the

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Unformatted text preview: a random sample of size . 3. Assess the Evidence a. Calculate the mean and the standard deviation ̂ ̂ √ ( ) ̂ b. Calculate the test statistic c. Calculate the -value. ( ) i. Right-tailed test: -value ( ) ii. Left-tailed test: -value ( ) or ( iii. Two-tailed test: -value (whichever -value is smaller) 4. State a Conclusion a. Compare the -value from part 3c to the given level of significance : i. If , then we reject and find enough evidence to support ii. If , then we fail to reject and do not find enough evidence to support ) Answers to Practice Problems – To get full credit, you would have to show all of the following information. 1. and ( . ̂ . . ̂ ( √ ̂ ) ) so the normality criteria is satisfied. . . ( ) (right-tailed test) since , so we reject and find enough evidence to support . Therefore, there is sufficient evidence to say that more than 75% of people have brown hair at the 1...
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