Do you have enough evidence to support or do you not

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Unformatted text preview: ct or fail to reject ? Do you have enough evidence to support or do you not? k. Be able to write the conclusion in the context of the problem. 10. Be able to interpret confidence intervals, margin of error, -values, and hypothesis testing decisions 11. Be able to read about the conclusions of someone else’s hypothesis testing and say if you agree or disagree Practice Problems for Hypothesis Testing (An outline of hypothesis testing and answers are on the next page) 1. It is widely believed that 75% of people have brown hair (as opposed to black, blonde, or red). In a random sample of 1000 people, 800 of them have brown hair. Conduct a hypothesis test at the 1% significance level to determine whether or not more than 75% of people have brown hair. 2. A national survey organization recently reported that 40% of college students in the United States eat pizza at least once per week. In a random sample of 100 college students, you determine that 37 of them eat pizz...
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