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ANSC - Epistasis: o Interaction among non-allelic genes o Ex. Coat color in horses B= black b= Chestnut w= Allows expression of B or b W= Overrides B or b with white o Genotype of allele (B,b) stays the same o BUT, phenotype depends on W/w gene - Genes and Environment o Genetic predisposition to withstand extremes Cattle: Brahman vs. Scottish Highland Fish: Freshwater vs. Saltwater Bacteria: Hot springs vs. glaciers Nutrition, climate, altitude, etc. o Standardize environment to optimize genetic evaluations.
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Unformatted text preview: -Genetic Engineering o Manipulate genes: Cut/paste genes across organisms Bacteria can mass produce bovine growth hormone Cow mammary gland can produce insulin Pig plasma immuno-compatible with humans o Gene therapy: Disease resistance-Selection o Most production traits controlled by hundreds of gene pairs o Millions of possible combinations of genes-Variation o Ex. Weaning weight in calves...
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