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CSCI 3130 Assignments 1 and 2

Your development team has developed a simple

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Unformatted text preview: e style used in the class examples. Resources http://office.microsoft.com/en- ca/visio- help/create- a- uml- use- case- diagram- HP081550218.aspx http://argouml.tigris.org/tours/bdUseCaseDiagram.html https://www.graffletopia.com/stencils/tags/use%20case CSCI 3130, Winter 2014 Assignment 2: Unit Tests, Build Scripts Consider a company that wants to keep track of its employees, their positions and their telephone numbers. Your development team has developed a simple prototype using the Java code found in EmployeeDirectory.zip. In the lib directory is a jar file that must be in the Java classpath in order for the code to compile and run. In the res directory are sample input files contai...
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