CIVIL 703 Output - Software Development Project

35 building interfaces and building an user 136

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Unformatted text preview: BUILDING INTERFACES AND Building an User 1.3.6 Manual PROJECT TESTING 1.4 STAGE CONDUCTING 1.4.1 SYSTEM & UNIT PERFORMING TESTS 1.4.2 ON SOFTWARE WORKING ON USER 1.4.3 ACCEPTANCE DEBUGGING TESTS 1.4.4 PROJECT QUALITY 1.5 ASSURANCE revised 1.5.1 Examine the requirements Examine the failed 1.5.2 stages of proposals 1.5.3 Evaluate Testing from team members 1.6 PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION Software 1.6.1 Configuration with 1.6.2 Configuration of various Testing Final Configuration 1.6.3 of Repositories Complete Backup of 1.6.4 Packages and PROJECT COST AND 1.7 RISK HANDLING Building Risk 1.7.1 Management of Identification Plan 1.7.2 Future Possible Risks 1.7.3 Estimate / Budget Proposal Regular Scope / Cost 1....
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