Exam 1, Lecture 6

826 a root of the function already been dened if it

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Unformatted text preview: oot of the function) - already been defined If it was f(x) it would display a point at (1.826, 0) Why plot f(z) and not f(x)? ES 2 Computing in Engineering Could put in z:= 2, 2.5..4 (range) It would only plot the graph and points that exist in that range SolveBlock_polynomial.xmcd 5 Mathcad Solve Block – Cable Tension Find T0 when w=5lbf/ft, a=200ft, h=23ft Initial guess - can't be just anything it does influence the answer - should be around Make sure answer is "high" enough ES 2 Computing in Engineering 6 Mathcad Solve Block – Cable Tension tension = vector i = range variable Can change i and tension.i to get smoother curve D SolveBlock_cable_sagl.xmcd ES 2 Computing in Engineering 7 Mathcad Graphing X-Y Graphs Vector vs. vector Function vs. Independent Variable Function vs. Vector Function vs. Range Variable Curve fitting 1 4 ES 2 Computing in Engineering 2 3 demo_START_graph_vec_vec_v2.xmcd 8 Symbolic Solutions with Mathcad - Summary Best to define custom function rather than working directly with an expression. Include all variables as arguments to th...
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