Exam 1, Lecture 6

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Unformatted text preview: 525 a.A(s):=V.A(s)*dV.A(s)/ds a.A(s) --> 25.2 a.B(s):= V.B(s)*dV.B(s)/ds a.B(s):= 0.04s - 24.0 What is the length of time to travel segment A (v=ds/dt, t = ds/v) - t.A(s):=Integral of 0-225 (1ds/(V.A(s)) = 6 s ES 2 Computing in Engineering Re-create this graph in Mathcad Construct an acceleration-distance graph Determine time for each of the two segments. 10 H3.2 Stopping a Train a. Find vmax, direct integration with limits b. Find vmax, use indefinite integral to derive expression for v then substitute t=10 c. Find dtotal, d1=first 10s, d2= vmax to 0 d. Find total time, t1=10s, t2=vmax/a2 ES 2 Computing in Engineering 11 Correction Please make the following corre...
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