Exam 1, Lecture 6

Include all variables as arguments to the function if

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Unformatted text preview: e function. If you want a symbolic solution, do NOT define numerical values to variables before the symbolically solved expression. Do not use units for integration or differentiation. Determine constant of integration for indefinite Change originial source of equation and answer changes - live integrals. Static doesn't automatically update Determine if live or static solution is needed. Use of real numbers will force high precision numerical results. Use integers and fractions when possible. Symbolic Calculus Example A jet bike is moving along a straight road with the speed describe by the velocity-distance graph shown below. 75 Velocity vs. Distance Speeding up then slowing down V=5s1/2 v=-0.2s + 120 V.A(s):= 5 * sqrt(s) 0 < s < 225 V (m/s) i:=0..225 V.B(s):=0.2s+120 225 < s < 525 j:=225..525 Graph: V.A(i) plot against i, V.B(j) plot against j 15 V.A(225) = 75 m/s V.B(525) = 15 m/s 0 Write an expression for the acceleration as a funciton of distance then make a graph of acceleration vs. Distance (a=v*dv/ds)m) s ( 0 225...
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