Exam 1, Lecture 5

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Unformatted text preview: with their assigned values. 0.222 explicit c ES 2 Computing in Engineering 2.0 9 t Explicit - puts value "c" where 2.0 is demo_START_Symb_Keyboard 14 Mathcad Symbolic Differentiation Good practice, define a function with an assignment statement (:= ) then use solver to differentiate. s ( t) d s ( t) dt ( 2t 3) 6 (2 t 3 3) 2 OK Prefered Do not to include units ES 2 Computing in Engineering 15 Mathcad Symbolic Differentiation The x position of a helicopter as a function of time is known to be: x 0.1t 3 m and the y position as a function of x is: y 0.9 (10 x) 2/3 0.6 x m Use the equation below to determine ρ, the instantaneous radius of curvature of the helicopter’s path, when t = 6 s. 1 dy dx 2 2 dy dx 2 3/ 2 ρ m Do not to include units ES 2 Computing in Engineering Demo_START_SymDifferentiation 16 Mathcad Symbolic Integration Powerful integrator! Path Rolling Curve Ground Ctrl Shift . ES 2 Computing in Engineering 17 Mathcad Symbolic Integration Indefinite or definite integrals can be integrated symbolically. (z 32 z 1) 3z dz 2z 2 2 2z 4 2 2 3 Consta...
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