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Exam 1, Lecture 5

T functionhwa numerical solution solve block mathcad

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Unformatted text preview: osh(W…=0 the equation. T=1000 W=5 A=200 4. Put cursor next to T H=23 5. Press ALPHA/SOLVE Bound(-1e99,1… (T/W)*(cosh(W…=0 T=1105.6086974 W=5 … TI-83 Solver 1. Select 0:Solver from the MATH menu 2. Enter equation eqn:0.5x^3-6.8x^2+28x-31.5 3. Press ENTER, you’ll see the interactive solver editor. Enter 0.5x^3-6.8x^2…=0 the equation. X=1 Bound(-1e99,1… 4. Adjust the initial guess, x=___ 5. Press ALPHA/SOLVE Initial Guess x= 1 X=1.8261080900… Initial Guess x= 6 X=6.2825871370… Numerical solutions may differ depending on the initial guess! Mathcad Numerical Methods Mathcad uses a solve block to identify the components of problems to be solved numerically Initial Values given Solve Block beginning of solve block end of solve block Relational equations find demo_Num_Meth_1r Numerical Methods - Sample Problems Find the roots to the equation: 0.5 x 3 6.8 x 2 28 x 31.5 0 Use the compound interest equation to find the interest rate necessary to double the value of an investment in 5 years. FV PV 1 r n nt Demo_START_Num_Meth_1r Mathcad Prime Solve Block Initial Values Final - answer (grab find of of the ES 2 Computing in Engineering Depending on this value comes out with diferent roots (o's of the function) Bold = 33 Mathcad Prime Plot ES 2 Computing in Engineering 34 Thank You ES 2 Computing in Engineering 35...
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