Exam 1, Lecture 5

Again open methods newton raphson derivative of curve

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Unformatted text preview: of equations. Numerical methods can be used to solve one equation for a single value or a set of linear or non-linear equations for multiple unknowns. Numerical methods usually require an initial guess for the unknown(s). The value of the initial guess(es) can influence the solution. Numerical methods are not always successful in finding a solution. An acceptable tolerance rather than an exact answer is the expectation. A variety of constraints such as minimums, maximum in addition to target values may be applied to the solution. Numerical Methods h T0 w wa cosh 2T0 1 Given the equation for cable sag it is easy to calculate h. Use a Numerical Methods approach to solve for T0 if h, w, and a are known. T function(h,w,a) = ??? Numerical Solution Solve Block – Mathcad Solver – Calculator Goal Seek – Excel T0 = mid-span tension Middle of curve h = amount of sag TI-83 Solver 1. Select 0:Solver from the MATH menu 2. Enter equation eqn:0=(T/W)*(cosh(W*A/(2*T))1)-H 3. Press ENTER, you’ll see the interactive solver editor. Enter (T/W)*(c...
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