INFOSYS 727 Lab 07- Web hacking 03

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Unformatted text preview: the server that renders the attack, by not properly escaping or sanitizing the stored data. Reflected XSS HTML/Script HTML/Script HTML/Script You won! Click here! etc., HTML/Script Stored XSS Forum/Guestbook HTML/Script HTML/Script Web Exploitation and Vulnerabilities Reflected XSS: The most dangerous characters in a URL are < and >. If you can get an application to directly insert what you want in a page and can get those characters through, then you can probably get a script through. Try these:<your unique Gruyere id >/%3e%3c(single encoding)<your unique Gruyere id>/%253e%253c (double encoding)<your unique Gruyere id>/%c0%be%c0%bc ( bad UTF-8 encoding) Append the following scripts to your URL instance in Gruyere <iframe> </iframe> <a href="" onMouseover="window.alert('Hello');"> My Fav search engine </a> Now insert any image downloaded from the web onto the page – (Hint: append <img> to the URL) Web Exploitation and Vulnerabilities Exercise 2a Reflected XSS Can you upload a file that allows you to execute arbitrary script on the domain? Hint • Use some of the lab 05 exercise scripts. For example, upload a .html file containing scripts like these: • <script> alert(document.cookie); </script> • <script> alert(‘hello w...
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